Sunday, December 10, 2017

Saturday, December 16 El Tarasco fund-raiser

Our regular monthly event (third Saturday of each month) will be Saturday, December 16. Please come to the restaurant at 110 Fairfax Avenue in St. Matthews to dine with other CHPCers or with your own group between 6:00 – 9:00 PM. El Tarasco also agreed to give the 15% of the bill donation to CHPC whenever someone asks the cashier to credit CHPC. This is a wonderful offer on their part and really helps the on-going fund-raising efforts for our ministry. So, come the third Saturday OR eat at Tarasco for lunch or dinner on any day at any time. We still get the benefit and you gain the flexibility in scheduling. We would greatly appreciate your support.


2018 Guatemala visits

Mutual visits have been a critical part of Crescent Hill’s decade-old partnership with Guatemala’s Q’eqchi’ Estoreño Izabal Presbytery. Visiting each other has helped us to develop and sustain close personal relationships, engage in shared prayer and Bible study, and learn about each other’s languages, culture and faith practices. At a gathering of CHPC’s Guatemalan Connection on November 11, we were excited to realize the level of interest in  several opportunities in 2018. All of them will require prayer, volunteers, personal sacrifices to travel or host guests, encouragement, and financial support through the church budget and by travelers and others who value this CHPC ministry. Here are ways we can all be engaged in some way:

-Sandi Thomson-Royer and Brian Thomson-Royer, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), mission co-workers who work with women’s groups and on domestic violence issues, will visit from Guatemala on the Souper Bowl of Caring/congregational meeting Sunday (February 4). This is expected to be their last year before retirement. We hope that you will get to hear them speak and learn all that has been accomplished through their ministry.

-For the second year in a row, we are planning for women from CHPC to travel to Guatemala to participate in the annual gathering of Estoreño Presbytery’s Presbyterian Women’s organization. This is tentatively scheduled for April. Last year, Soni Castleberry and Megan McCarty went. It was a time of growth for both of them as they went alone to represent CHPC. Ask either of them about this experience and explore whether you would like to be part of this exciting opportunity to strengthen your faith, alongside the Guatemalan women in our partnership.

-In early August, we are looking toward the possibility of an inter-generational CHPC group visiting Guatemala. The trip would include traditional church visits and workshops, and perhaps a visit to Coban, the cultural capital of Q’eqchi’ Guatemala. Begin thinking about how you can be involved. In lieu of more "things" perhaps monetary gifts toward a visit to Guatemala could make up your Christmas Wish List.

-A couple dozen North Americans involved in similar Presbyterian Guatemalan-U.S. partnerships, along with a few Guatemalans, will visit Kentuckiana during the week of Labor Day (September 5-8) for a PC(USA) Guatemala Mission Network gathering at Cedar Ridge Camp. Mary Love and Soni Castleberry are helping plan this gathering, along with our friend Ellen Dozier, a former mission co-worker to Guatemala, and a team of other folks in both of our countries. This will be an excellent chance for many of you to learn more about Guatemala and the ministries that CHPC and many others are engaged in. There will be lots of chances to volunteer too. Mary and Soni would love to hear from you.

For more information on the Guatemala partnership, note our next meeting on your calendar and plan to join us Saturday, January 13, 12:30 - 1:30 PM.


November gathering notes

Visits: formerly had visits with a lot of folks – more recently we’ve sent and received smaller groups – Perry updated us on the recent visits – maybe we can send someone to the Women’s gathering again this year – the Guatemala Network will be meeting this year at Cedar Ridge in September – the women’s meeting that Soni and Megan went to focused on their training of women (high school education) and the domestic violence workshops they are having

Might want to send a couple of women to the women’s meeting in the late winter/early spring – might want to send a delegation from here to Guatemala in 2018 – for Doug, it would be easier to go in August than late June/early July – Molly and Eva might be able to go at that time – want to keep our delegation to one van load – when we talk with them today, we could tell them about the September meeting here

They now have a synod and GA structure – there are 5 synods, 2 of which are Q’eqchi’.

When we call them, need to ask them if the presbytery actually got the money, and if they did, what is it being used for – ask about schedule for the Women’s meeting – congratulate them for their Reformation Day celebration – how are the organizational relationships working out

Gave Elisa a lot of background on the political and economic situation including the nickle mine – Russian influence is supreme – pollution is terrible – agribusiness has exploded and has had extremely negative impacts

Calling Ramiro: Elisa introduced herself – Espiritu Santo has been participating in the presbytery and talking about purchasing a ranch outside of town – 11 churches participated in the parade on Reformation Sunday (15 vehicles in the parade) – they hope to send 6 (3 of whom will be women) to Coban for theological education

[Note: Doug talked with Helen Walton in the 90’s about providing funding for indigenous theological education, and she set up a fund with the Presbyterian Foundation – but there were problems with it that led to the money being cut off – it is now working and the money is now flowing]

We have encouraged them to be sure to include more women – Ramiro still struggles with his diabetes – Gerardo has been sick – Ramiro’s grandson is doing well – he’ll be 40 days old on Sunday and will be acknowledged at church tomorrow – the Women’s meeting will be in late April – travel between El Estor and Coban is very treacherous – bandits are plentiful on that road – the BOO is attractive for them because it is a book of law in a country that has no laws

They DID get the money we sent – Ramiro will send a report to Doug as to how the money is being spent

Sandy and Brian are scheduled to be here on Super Bowl Sunday – we’re asking the adult SS class to give up their time for a mission co-worker coffee discussion – they’re also invited to preach/give a Minute for Mission

Jane had been sending a Guatemalan bookmark to the new members as they join – Soni will do it for a little while and would be glad to have someone else help as well

Set a date for next meetings: 2nd Saturday in the month through April at least

Bananas: Chiquita bananas have been doing terrible things in Guatemala – can get “non-oppressive” ones at Whole Foods

Pastor Elisa closed with prayer


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Veterans' Day gathering

CHPC folks interested in CHPC’s Guatemala mission partnership will gather from 12:30 to 1:30 PM on Saturday, November 11 (Veterans’ Day) in the Gathering Room (back building). Everyone is welcome.

Late 2017 prayers

In late 2017 Crescent Hill will pray for and with Guatemala partners:

-On Sunday, November 12, and the week thereafter:  Altar de Noe church in El Estor’s Los Cerritos neighborhood, Pastor Raul Contreras Tut and family, and all who worship there.

-On Sunday, November 19, and the week thereafter:  Espiritu Santo church in El Estor’s San Marcos neighborhood, Pastor José Domingo Xo Ical and family, and all who worship there.

-On Sunday, November 26, and the week thereafter: Monte Sinai church in the village of San Carlos El Pouvenir outside of Puerto Barrios, Pastor José Sub and family, and all who worship there.

-On Sunday, December 3, and during the week thereafter: El Buen Samaritano church in the village of Nueva Amanacer neighborhood, Pastor Jorge Ortiz and family, and all who worship there.

-On Sunday, December 10, and the week thereafter:  Galilea congregation in El Estor’s Esfuerza neighborhood, Pastor Angel Martin Sacul and family, and all who worship there.

-On Sunday, December 17, and the week thereafter:  Emanuel congregation in the Huracan Mich community of Panzos, Pastor Oscar Tzul Coc and family, and all who worship there.

-On Sunday, December 24, and the week thereafter:  Marc’am congregation, Pastor Gonzalo Tiul Choc and family, and all who worship there

-On Sunday, December 31, and during the week thereafter: Estoreño Presbytery Executive Committee, President Gerardo Pop Ich, and other officers.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

September 9 gathering notes

Ben reported on the $1,500 we sent through IENPG – it equals Q10,690 – a $50 fee from the bank in the US and possibly also will be fees from the bank in Guatemala – we told them the money is for theological education, basic ed for women of the church (that includes to be used for travel) – the Guatemala bank is part of the SWIFT network, so Ben now has a SWIFT number for us – this should expedite things in the future – the money is in the IENPG account, but we don’t know yet how it will be forwarded to Ramiro

How did our fundraisers go? – St. Jose’s: brought in $1180 – some of the neighbors chipped in too – about $150 for security – church will pay the rest of the security guard cost – since the gate isn’t open on Friday, was it worth doing parking on Friday next year? – could we negotiate with them about Friday night? – we tried, but there’s an “important” cornhole game on the other side of the gate – will reevaluate next year – need to have a better idea next year re: what we charge – next year, should have a brief gathering on Sunday with all the volunteers to make sure we’re all on the same page – whoever starts the day is someone who is a seasoned volunteer! – Doug will create a Google doc for learnings for next year that he’ll send to everybody – El Tarasco: had more folks this last time, but we don’t know how much – need to make sure the money goes to Jack (into his box with directions for which account to credit it to – had 6-10 people who don’t usually come – Soni will follow up w/Claudia to make sure we know what’s going on and how much is being collected –

Other opportunities: Robania, the woman who translated for the Women’s Conference and works with Living Waters for the World, will be here a week from today – the Sounds of Memphis will play in E’town – we need to keep in touch w/LW4W to see if they’ve developed a technology that will work there – if not, Water Steps might be something we’d want to investigate –

Email from Brian: Sunday February 4th, they’ll be here – need to take this to Worship Council (Perry will do this) and Nurture if we want to do something during adult Sunday School class – would also like help w/$150 for their travel costs – would like to do a F4T that Sunday – need to check CHPC calendar and make sure we aren’t scheduled for our CHPC Annual Meeting – they’re scheduled to be in Guatemala through 2018 as mission coworker – want to see the work they’ve been doing continue into the future – two Guatemala women are attending a training on Domestic Violence so that they can conduct workshops in local communities –

Bookmarks: from now on, we need to send bookmarks to new members along with an email invite to our meetings – we need a flyer about the GC to give to each new member – the bedspread that has been in Jane’s office will go with the liturgical cloths for use in the sanctuary –

September 24th – Ramiro’s Ordination Date – we need to have some sort of gift/symbol – maybe $100 to sponsor the celebration lunch – check w/INPG to see if they have a Worship Book (like what they use in the DR) – would like to be able to send one to each of the pastors in the presbytery

Called Raul -- they were in the middle of their executive committee of the presbytery meeting! – they are forming a new Synod: Emanuel del Norte – sounds like they are splitting the Q’eqchi’ synod into two synods -- 30th & 31st will be the dates of the founding of the new synod – they will be going to Coban tomorrow to do the legal work and asked for prayers because the roads to Coban are bad – Ramiro (who had already left) confirmed that the money has arrived (they probably haven’t gotten the cash yet) – he will be the pastor of the Arca de Noel church

Prayer joys and concerns:  Doug has reconnected with friends from when he was in high school in Colombia – brought back fond memories – Perry asked if Jane would allow us to pray over her at this her last meeting with us – (we shared a lot of memories about Jane’s influence on our work here and on the roles of women in the Guatemala church --

Our next meeting: November 11, 2017 (Veterans Day), 12:30-2:00, Gathering Room

-Mary Love