Saturday, September 5, 2015

August 29 gathering

The meeting was held in the choir room at CHPC. In attendance were: Shannon Bostrom, Soni Castleberry, Mary Love and Doug Yeager. The group reviewed possible agenda items sent in advance by Perry Chang and agreed to defer some to a future meeting. As Doug Yeager was the only Spanish speaker present, and he was not feeling up to par, it was decided not to call our partners today. Items discussed included:

PCUSA Guatemala Network:  Soni Castleberry, Perry Chang and Mary Love went to July 30 meeting in Knoxville. Mary and Soni felt it was worthwhile. They referred folks to Perry’s excellent notes for details. Soni wants us to try and meet with group in Nashville that also works with Qek’chi. She will make contact and see if it seems worth a joint meeting maybe midway.

Guatemalan Partnership Budget – All agreed that Perry is authorized to go ahead and send the remaining $500 balance in the CHPC 2015 budget for the support of our Guatemalan partners. This request should be made to the CHPC Treasurer and sent to our partners within the next couple weeks. As always, we will want them to provide an accounting of how the money was spent.

Correspondence from Guatemala Partners: Doug Yeager reviewed correspondence received from Ramiro Quib accounting for the $750 previously sent to our partners. The $750 included the first $500 allocation from the CHPC 2015 budget and $250 specifically sent by Presbyterian Women in support of the work being coordinated by Rosa Marina. The $750 (5700Q) was spent in this way:

            2400Q             Travel to theological training in Coban for eight persons

            1200Q             Scholarships for theological training in Coban for three persons

              400Q             Travel expenses to Guatemala City for pastors

              800Q             Theological training materials and communication expenses

              900Q             Hosting expenses for workshops and assemblies

Mary suggested that this information be included in Westminster Ways so that all church members will know how the budgeted money was spent. Soni agreed to submit an article by the Sept. 14 deadline.

Doug will send a Facebook message to Ramiro to let him know we received his correspondence and appreciated the accounting of expenses. He will ask for more detail as to exactly how the $250 Presbyterian Women money was spent. He will also tell Ramiro that the final $500 for this year will be sent soon.

June 25-July 3, 2016 Trip to Guatemala – Although we did not review the tentative itinerary, we each made a commitment to review it and respond to Perry and Jane in thanks for their work on it. We discussed our commitments to the trip and others who may be possibilities. Soni and Shannon Bostrom are committed. Megan McCarty is hoping to go. Perry Chang, Jane Larsen-Wigger and Ben Langley anticipate going. Doug Yeager is doubtful. We hope a couple youth will travel. We all need to encourage others to consider making the trip.

Fund Raising – Soni mentioned the need for more money. St. Joe’s Parking reportedly netted about $800. Thanks to Peter for coordinating and all who helped. Next year we need to get a written commitment to ensure St. Joe’s opens the side gate which enables us to attract parkers. Shannon asked if “Mundo Brew” might play for an event. Doug will check with band. Friday, Jan. 29 might be a good date. Soni suggested a simple dinner with invitations to other groups in the community who also have ties to Guatemala. This might include water, adoption and medical groups and other churches. Mary suggested the chaplain at Churchill Downs’ backside.

Next Meeting: We agreed to meet at 1 pm on Sat., Oct. 3. (Note time change.) Place to be decided.

-Submitted by: Soni Castleberry