Sunday, May 15, 2016

Early summer prayers

This week Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church will pray for and with our Guatemala partners:

-On Sunday, May 22, and the week thereafter: Monte Sinai church in the village of San Carlos El Pouvenir outside of Puerto Barrios, Pastor José Sub and family, and member, deacons, and elders.

-On Sunday, May 29, and during the week thereafter: El Buen Samaritano church in El Estor’s Nueva Amanacer neighborhood, Pastor Antonio Choc, and members, deacons, and elders.

-On Sunday, June 5, and the week thereafter:  Galilea congregation, Pastor Anselmo Tzul Turcios, and all worshipers

-On Sunday, June 12, and the week thereafter:  Huracan Mich congregation in Panzos, Pastor Oscar Tzul Coc, and all worshipers

-On Sunday, June 19, and the week thereafter:  Marc’am congregation, Pastor Gonzalo Tiul Choc, and all worshipers

-On Sunday, June 26, and during the week thereafter: Makajam congregation, its leaders, and all worshipers.  

-On Sunday, July 3, and during the week thereafter: Nueva Alfa y Omega congregation, its leaders, and all worshipers

Visit update

Later this month ten Crescent Hill folks will travel to Guatemala for a nine-day visit with our friends, partners, and brothers and sisters in Christ there.  The team will spend most of its time in eastern Guatemala, around Lake Izabal, in areas where the Mayan indigenous Q’eqhchi’ culture predominate and where the Q’eqchi’ Estoreño Izabal Presbytery, with which CHPC is partnered, has some dozen worshiping communities. Team members will visit many of those communities in and around the towns of El Estor, Panzos, Rio Dulce, and – for the first time – Puerto Barrios and Livingston.  They will stay with families, in hotels, and at a seminary and will help lead worship and workshops.  They will also spend two nights in Guatemala City, where they hope to dialogue with activists with CEDEPCA (a progressive interdenominational theological ministry) and visit with Ana Lara, a one-time Crescent Hill elder. 

You have been and may continue to be involved with the partnership and visit through your prayers, financial contributions, participation in partnership- and visit-related events, and attention on Facebook and the Guatemala Crescent Hill blog.  Before and after worship on Sunday, June 12, we will ask as many of you who can to sign up as a prayer partner for ONE of the individual team members.  We ask you to write two or three notes for this person and give them to team leaders Perry Chang, Ben Langley, or Jane Larsen-Wigger, on Sunday, June 19, and to pray for this team member throughout the visit.  (Also on June 19, the congregation as a whole commission the team in worship.)  Hardy souls among you might also meet the team at the Louisville airport at 4:45 a.m. on Saturday, June 25, to wish team members well or welcome them back at 11:00 p.m. Sunday, July 3, at the airport.

Team members are:
Shannon Bostrom
Ben Bridgman
Cara Bridgman
Soni Castleberry
Perry Chang
Stephanie Gregory
Ben Langley
Elisabeth McNinch
Doug Yeager
Jane Larsen-Wigger