Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mid-October gathering

Half a dozen Crescent Hill folks interested in Guatemala mission gathered at the Chenoweth Lane Heine Brothers Saturday morning. The group was updated on the flooding in Guatemala and on efforts to transmit invitation/endorsement letters to the Guatemalan group and to secure the group visa application appointments at the U.S. Embassy in Guatemala City.

The group discussed a possible schedule for the visit (see “Possible schedule” post), slated for Tuesday, November 29, through Wednesday, December 7. The group also talked about possible host households who would have enough room, be somewhat close to church, and/or include a Spanish speaker (including the Yeager family, Langley family, Bartlett/Asenjo family, Stimson/Van Marter family, Duverge family, Kepler family, and Rich/Foulkes family). Jane suggested the two women be housed together, which would leave only three other hosts. The group also talked about trying to host Ellen Dozier during the week that the Guatemalans are to be in Kentuckiana (it turns out Ellen will be in Guatemala during this time).

Claudia and Lowell volunteered to join Soni in educating Crescent Hill folks about opportunities to be involved in the partnership and to help out with the visit at the Mission Opportunity Fair

Left not addressed by the group about the visit: possible debriefing time for the Estoreño mission team, possible partnership discussion time, time for the mission team to communicate how the presbytery had spent the $400 Crescent Hill sent last fall, and possible connections with other local churches.

Carlos reached Pastor Gerardo by phone and he said the group had e-mailed asking for more info about the visit. They had also put together a $2,000 Christian education training proposal. The rain has not been bad in Izabal, but it has been very bad in adjoining areas (including Polocic Valley).

The group briefly talked about the joint English as a foreign language ministry (and the need to recruit more students for it) and the Spanish class. After the gathering some there urged the group to continue mixing up gathering spots among church, people’s homes, and establishments such as Heine Brothers because it can be hard to hear in Heine Brothers.


Spanish class drama

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hurricane Jova

Hurricane Jova, which hit Mexico and Central America late last week, has brought landslides and killed some 60 people in Guatemala, according to PC(USA) mission co-worker Amanda Craft, who lives on the western side of the country, where the storm was worst. Amanda said she talked with Gerardo last week and folks in Izabal were doing OK. She also said the Guatemalan presidential runoff remains slated for Sunday, November 6, two days before Election Day in the United States.

-- Perry

Monday, October 10, 2011

Saturday, October 22 gathering

Crescent Hills folks interested in helping plan Guatemalan partners' Kentuckiana visit, scheduled for later this year, in addition to discussing a few other issues, will gather at 9:30 a.m., Saturday, October 22, at the Heine Brothers on Chenoweth Lane in St. Matthews. Everyone is welcome.