Friday, February 19, 2016

Mid-February gathering

Seven CHPC members met on Sat., Feb. 13 to evaluate January’s fund-raiser, plan future efforts to raise money and discuss plans for this summer’s visit to Guatemala with each other and by phone with a couple of our partners.

Together we celebrated the results of the Jan. 29 Central American-style dinner event featuring live music by Mundo Brew and a silent auction. We especially expressed gratitude for the wonderful support that was received from members of the congregation and their friends. We cleared a total of $2,750, after food expenses, from the tickets, silent auction and donations. We counted 81 adults and nine children there to enjoy the great food, amazing music and generosity of our silent auction donors and buyers. Thank you so much for helping to make CHPC’s visit to our partners a lot easier.

Airfare to Guatemala is running high this year so members of the Guatemalan Connection and expected travelers this summer are planning to have an additional fund-raiser to help with expenses. Details are still being decided but it is expected to include another silent auction coupled with an evening of food and family fun. Keep your eyes and ears open for more information.

The final highlight of the meeting was a call to Guatemala. We were able to talk with Pastor Raul Contreras, from the Altar de Noe Church, who many of you met in October 2012 when he was one of three partners who visited CHPC. We also were introduced to a woman named Erma, who is the new presbytery fraternal/sororital worker with the churches’ women's groups. Our partners asked for prayers for their presbytery’s full assembly Mar. 11 and a gathering of the Presbyterian Women Apr. 21-22. We also shared mutual prayers for the planning of our summer visit, and members of our congregations needing special uplifting.

-Soni Castleberry