Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Karla Koll on religious change in Guatemala

Our Saturday evening speaker, the Rev. Karla Koll, seminary professor and Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) mission co-worker, argued that religious change has often involved external factors (such as U.S. mission workers) combined with internal factors, such as the readiness of people in Guatemala for change.

Among the factors in the conservatism of Q’eqchi’ evangelical Presbyterians that Karla cited:

-Central American Mission, a group founded in 1890 by dissident Congregationalist-Presbyterian Cyrus Scofield (creator of the Scofield Reference Bible) whose dispensationalist interpretation of scripture saw the world as currently involved in the sixth of seven dispensations, with the end of the world near. Social reform, in this view, is unwelcome because it postpones the return of Christ. Scofield’s theology influenced all Guatemalan evangelical Protestants, all the more so when Presbyterian mission workers were interested in forming a pan-Protestant denomination. The anti-Roman Catholic, anti-Mayan theology of Guatemalan Protestantism also goes back to CAM and Scofield. (For better or worse, the geographic division of labor between different Protestant groups broke down, as did the vision of a united denomination.)

-Q’eqchi Presbyterianism in the Izabal area began when a landowner invited Presbyterians from the capital city area to start a church for his workers. Koll commented that the landowner apparently believed that Protestants made good workers.

-The 1976 earthquake that devastated Guatemala exposed the government’s lack of capacity to function. Into the void moved a number of aid groups, including one associated with the Christian Reformed Church, a somewhat conservative, Michigan-based, Reformed denomination (sibling denomination of the PC(USA)), which worked with evangelical Protesbyterians (and got involved in social concerns such as literacy training). Also jumping into the fray was the neo-Pentecostalist Gospel Outreach of Eureka, California, which started the Church of the Word megahurch, which attracted to its fold a general and future president, Rios Montt.

-A church reform effort started in 1972 called for various changes, but the biggest change was a church growth strategy: trying to double the number of evangelical Presbyterians, churches, and presbyteries within 10 years (an effort that in fact succeeded – but with a continuing church growth emphasis as a result – and a church that now had a majority of indigenous/Mayan demographic, instead of a majority of Ladinos (people culturally identified as Spanish-speaking and of European ancestry).

-The (1960-96) civil war (which peaked - ironically or not - in 1982, just as the national evangelical Presbyterian efforts reached the doubling church growth milestone) wiped out hundreds of towns with indigenous residents. Guatemalans, indigenous and not, flocked to evangelical Protestantism for several reasons: The Army viewed many Catholics as subversive while the Protestant groups – some of them aligned with the president – were seen as safer. The conservative end-of-the-world Scofield theology also seemed to make sense of the civil war situation, when the world did indeed seem to be ending. (Guatemalans may still associate a social justice emphasis, liberation theology, or ecumenism with the guerillas.)

Towards the end of the talk and in response to questions, Koll explained that the peace accords (of date?) opened up a time when Mayan spirituality is officially tolerated. Today roughly as many Guatemalans identify as Protestant (one-third) as are actively involved in the Roman Catholic Church. (Guatemala is the size of Tennessee and has about 13 mission people. There are 23 Mayan languages, plus Spanish and two other languages.)

Karla Koll might be available to visit with us in July, or perhaps even to accompany us in Coban, Guatemala. Sunday, she also said that the organization she is part of has a ministry focused on theological reflection with indigenous groups (which might be an alternative to the proposed Coban theological training effort).


Karla Koll talk pictures

Friday, March 26, 2010

April prayer list

Crescent Hill folks pray this month with our Guatemalan partners:
- On Easter Sunday, April 4, and during the week that follows: Espiritu Santo church (pictured above), Pastor José Domingo, and its members, deacons, and elders.
- On Sunday, April 11, and during the week that follows: Monte Sinai church near Puerto Barrios, Pastor José Sub, and its members, deacons, and elders.
- On Sunday, April 18, and during the week that follows: Livingston church, Pastor Abelino Tec and spouse Serafina, and its members, deacons, and elders.
- On Sunday, April 25, and during the week that follows: Nueva Amanacer church and its worshipers.

Karla's chronology

Karla Koll, this Saturday's suppertime speaker, suggested folks take a look at this chronology of Protestantism in Guatemala (with special emphasis on the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)'s partner church, the IENPG), that she prepared in 2005:

1843 Baptist Frederick Crowe arrives in Guatemala City and founds a school
1846 Crowe deported from Guatemala
1882 John Clark Hill, the first Presbyterian missionary, arrives, holds worship services in English
1884 Colegio Americano, an English-language school, opens in Guatemala City; Spanish-speaking congregation of nine men founded
1885 Hill forced to leave Guatemala
1886 Edward Haymaker arrives to lead the Presbyterian Mission
1890 Cyrus Scofield founds the Central American Mission (CAM)
1895 Presbyterian work begins in Quetzaltenango
1899 Mr. and Mrs. Bishop of CAM arrive to work in Guatemala
1900 The Friends Yearly Meeting of California (Quakers) begin work in Chiquimula;
the Pentecostal Mission (Nazarenes) begin work in the Atlantic region of Guatemala
1902 The evangelical missions working in Guatemala negotiate a comity agreement
1912 The Presbyterian Mission opens the Hospital Americano en Guatemala City
1914 The Primitive Methodists arrive and begin work in Totonicopan and El Quiché
1916 Panama Congress on Christian Work in Latin America
1922 Horace and Dorothy Peck arrive to begin work with the Mam
1923 Occidente Presbytery organized
1925 CAM opens the Central American Bible Institute, today SETECA
1929 Central Presbytery organized
1934 14 congregations join the Church of God (Cleveland, TN)
1935 Missionaries arrive from the Assemblies of God; founding of the Evangelical Presbyterian Seminary
1939 Presbytery of Suchitepéquez organized
1941 Maya-Quiché Bible Institute founded by Presbyterians and Methodists
1944 Revolution of October
1946 Pacifico Presbytery organized
1950 National Synod of the I.E.N.P.G. organized; Presbytery of the North organized
1952 The Sinódica (women’s organization) founded
1959 Maya-Quiché Presbytery organized
1962 Integration of the Presbyterian Mission into the IENPG; sale of the Hospital Americano, Pro-Salud continues preventive healthcare program
1973 Centennial plan approved to double church membership in 10 years
1978 Kekchí Presbytery organized
1980 Mam Presbytery organized
1981 Sur-Occidente Presbytery organized
1982 I.E.N.P.G. leads celebration of 100 years of Protestantism in Guatemala;
DIACONIA founded; synod reorganization includes Christian Service
1992 Schism affects Occidente, Sur-Occidente, Suchitepéquez and Pacífico Presbyteries
1997 Association of Kekchí Presbyteries formed
1998 Ordination of women approved
2000 Dissidentes of Occidente Presbytery return to I.E.N.P.G.
2002 Unión Boca Costa Maya Quiché Presbytery organized

-- Karla Koll

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Karla Koll talk

Karla Koll will speak on "Religious Change in Guatemala," at 6 p.m., on Saturday, March 27, in the Fellowship Hall of Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church, at 142 Crescent Avenue, in Louisville.

Dr. Koll, a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) international mission co-worker, is a professor of history, mission, and religions at the Latin American Biblical School who teaches at the Evangelical Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America, in Guatemala. Dr. Koll met with Crescent Hill church’s 2009 Guatemala mission team in Guatemala City. The event is free and open to the public. Dinner will be available

Latest trip info

10-12 Crescent Hill church folks and 10-12 Estoreño Presbytery folks will meet in July in Coban, urban-metropolitan capital of Guatemala’s Mayan Q’eqchi’ culture. On the agenda:
- a visit to the La Patria Presbyterian school in Coban and Sunday worship together
- Bible study focused on the partnership
- Wall of Wonder activity about the partnership
- outreach/mission/evangelism: sharing strategies dialogue
- a talk by Nazarene Pastor Delia Leal and walk through Coban
- a Finca Santa Margarita (coffee plantation) tour in Coban
- a visit to the Principe Mayan archeological museum in Coban
- a possible visit to the Semuc Champey waterfall area outside of Coban
- meals, devotions, free time, and closing worship together

Also on the agenda for the trip after the Estoreño and Crescent Hill folks leave Coban;
- a day or two of eating, relaxing, and free time in Antigua, old Spanish colonial city
- a possible afternoon Guatemala City museum visit

Crescent Hill folks on this tour will depart from Louisville on the morning of Saturday, July 10, and return to Louisville on the evening of Saturday, July 17. The trip will include two five- to six-hour van rides and accommodations in a church retreat center in Coban and in hotels in Antigua and Guatemala City.

By making the trip and participating in the rendezvous in Coban, Crescent Hill folks will be sustaining and extending the church’s one-year-old partnership with the Estoreño Presbytery, as folks participating get to know their Estoreño counterparts; engage in sharing, learning, and reflection together; and make plans for the partnership’s future.

Trip participants should include men and women, people with and without Spanish-language skills, Guatemala mission trip veterans and first-timers, and people of various ages, from 11th grade on up. The cost of the trip, before fund-raising, will be $1,200 to $1,500. Additional financial aid for trip participants may be available.

Before the trip, participants are expected to make installment payments, which will include a $250 deposit by Easter Sunday (April 4). (If you are interested in participating but are not sure you will be able to afford the trip or even the deposit, please be in contact with Pastor Jane this week.) Participants are also expected to participate in fund-raising and orientation activities and to make individual preparations (obtaining a current passport if necessary, visiting the International Travel Clinic, completing trip paperwork). After the trip, participants are expected to help educate other Crescent Hill folks about the trip and the partnership, including by helping lead a worship service.

Crescent Hill folks helping organize the trip will table after church on Palm Sunday (March 28) and Easter Sunday (April 4) and will be available to answer questions at that time. Folks who want to go on the trip should turn in a check to these folks or to the church office by Easter Sunday. The check should be made payable for $250 per person to Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church and should include in the memo line: 2010 Guatemala trip. On the memo line should also go the name or names of people going on the trip.

For those who are not able to go on the trip, there will be other ways to be involved this year. Before the trip, trip planning, orientation, and fund-raising are activities that will incorporate many different people. Crescent Hill folks will have opportunities during the trip to connect with individuals from Crescent Hill church going on the trip as prayer partners and with Estoreño folks going as their financial sponsors. Throughout the year, Crescent Hill folks will continue to pray with Estoreño Presbytery-wide groups and congregations and to keep up with the trip and the partnership by viewing this blog. Folks interested in the partnership will meet next at 9:30 a.m. on Easter eve Saturday (April 3) at Heine Brothers on Chenoweth Lane.

March 17 planning group meeting

The Guatemala trip planning group met Wednesday. The group tinkered with the possible trip schedule and planned the Karla Koll talk on Palm Sunday eve and tabling to attract interest in the trip. The group also called the Arca de Noe church's Pastor Gerardo Pop and found him receptive to the trip, with some revisions around the edges to the schedule and some confusion about exactly who we wanted to go.
-- Perry

Wrapping things up

Two Crescent Hill projects related to our Guatemala partnership - the joint English as a foreign langage teaching minisstry with James Lees and Covenant Community Presbyterian churches and the Spanish class - wound up their winter terms in the past couple of weeks. A week ago Wednesday the EFL ministry had a regular supper and class, with numbers somewhat down. The week before Crescent Hill folks had prepared dinner and cleaned up, on both Monday and Wednesday. The EFL ministry will start a somewhat short spring term, starting two Mondays after Easter (April 12) and running until something like Memorial day weekend. Ada's Spanish class (pictured above and below) was supposed to wrap up earlier in the month, but had two snow days in Tuesday. The class started with about 20 students. Attendance dipped towards the end, but the class plowed several chapters into the book and learned numbers, telling time, weather, and body parts - even standing up and singing "Heads, shoulders, knees, and toes" in Spanish. The class will gather after church for lunch at the Mexico Viejo restaurant across from Kroger on Brownsboro Road and then start up a late spring term on the Tuesday after Derby, May 4 - again, 6:30-8 in the Crescent Hill Education Building.

-- Perry

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ellen's model for Bible study


Paso 1: Si no se conocen unos y otros, cada uno se presente al grupo.

Paso 2: Un miembro lee el pasaje escogido en voz alta (lentamente)

Paso 3: Que cada persona del grupo identifica la palabra o frase que llame su atención

Paso 4: Que cada persona comparte su pensamiento (de paso 3)

Paso 5: Otra persona lee de vuelta el mismo pasaje

Paso 6: Que cada persona diga, “Este pasaje me habla a mi mismo/a diciendo que yo...”

Paso 7: Otra vez escucha el grupo en la lectura del pasaje

Paso 8: Que cada uno se pregunte: “De lo que el pasaje me dice a mí...en esta semana yo debo.....” ¿Cómo quiere el Señor que yo cambie?”

Paso 9: Que las personas comparten “Yo cree que Dios quiere que yo....”

Paso 10: Entonces todos oren para la persona a su derecha de esta manera, “Señor ayuda ___________________-(nombre) cambiar haciendo......” (lo que él / ella compartió en paso 9)

Nota: Esta oración pueda ser en voz alta o en silencio

El líder pueda sugerir que todos oran durante la semana por la petición le tocó. (paso 10)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Possible schedule

Here’s the rough draft July 10-17, 2010 trip schedule that Ellen and Perry conjured up Friday during a break in the mission worker re-entry conference at the seminary's Laws Lodge:
-Friday PM or Saturday AM: fly out of Louisville, perhaps through Chicago
-1 p.m. Saturday: fly into Guatemala City
-1:30 p.m. Saturday: board shuttle bus for Coban
-6:30 p.m. Saturday: arrive in Coban; dinner at the Nazarene Center
-7:30 p.m. Saturday: evening devotional/debriefing
-8 a.m. Sunday: breakfast
-9:30 a.m. Sunday: worship at Delia Leal’s church
-12 noon Sunday: lunch at the Nazarene Center
-2 p.m. Sunday: greet Estoreño folks
-3 p.m. Sunday: visit La Patria school in Coban
-4 p.m. Sunday: worship service at the school, as planned by Estore o folks
-6 p.m. Sunday: dinner at the Nazarene Center
-7:30 p.m. Sunday: evening devotional/orientation
-8 a.m. Monday: breakfast
-9 a.m. Monday: partnership Wall of Wonder activity (and throughout) – starting with the past
-9:30 a.m. Monday: Bible study with reference to our partnership (and shared study, mission, and ministry)
-10:30 a.m. Monday: Delia Leal talk about Coban history and culture
-11 a.m. Monday: Delia Leal-led walk through Coban
-12 noon Monday: lunch at the Nazarene Center
-1:30 p.m. Monday: visit to the coffee finca (plantation) tour
-3:30 p.m. Monday: free time
-6 p.m. Monday: dinner at the Nazarene Center
-7:30 p.m. Monday: devotional/singing
-8 a.m. Tuesday: breakfast at the Nazarene Center
-9 a.m. Tuesday: partnership Wall of Wonder activity – looking ahead to the future
-9:30 a.m. Tuesday: Bible study with reference to our partnership
- 10:30 a.m. Tuesday: visit to the Mayan museum in Coban
-12 noon Tuesday: lunch at the Nazarene Center
-1:30 p.m. Tuesday: free time with small group planning evening worship service
-6 p.m. Tuesday: dinner at the Nazarene Center
-7:30 p.m. Tuesday: closing worship
-8 a.m. Wednesday: breakfast
-9 a.m. Wednesday: debriefing/disorientation/farewell
-10 a.m. Wednesday: Estoreño folks depart
-10 a.m. Wednesday: additional Crescent Hill debriefing
-11 a.m. Wednesday: Crescent Hill folks depart by shuttle van
-1 p.m. Wednesday: lunch (en route)
-6 p.m. Wednesday: arrive in Antigua
-6:30 p.m. Wednesday: dinner
-8 p.m. Wednesday: devotional/debriefing
-9 a.m. Thursday: breakfast/partnership planning
-10 a.m. Thursday: free time
-6 p.m. Thursday: dinner
-7:30 p.m. Thursday: devotional/debriefing
-9 a.m. Friday: breakfast
-10:30 a.m. Friday: depart by shuttle van for Guatemala City
-12 noon Friday: arrive in Guatemala City
-1 p.m. Friday: lunch
-2:30 p.m. Friday: Guatemala City museum visit
-5:30 p.m. Friday: dinner
-7 p.m. Friday: devotional/debriefing
-4:30 a.m. Saturday: depart for Guatemala City airport
-7 a.m. Saturday: fly out of Guatemala City for Louisville, perhaps via Chicago

To be sent to and discussed with: Ellen, trip planning group, task force, Estoreño partners, Roger, Amanda, Delia

Most likely possible Crescent Hill mission team members and friends:

Jerry (April trip)

-- Perry

Upcoming events

- Summer trip planning group meeting: 7 p.m., Wednesday, March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day), in Pastor Jane’s study
- Talk by PC(USA) Guatemala mission worker Karla Koll (professor with the Evangelical Center for Pastoral Studies in Central America): Palm Sunday weekend (March 27-28) (possibly with dinner at 6 p.m., Saturday, March 28, in the Education Building—exact time, date, and place to be announced)
- Guatemala mission task force gathering: Easter weekend, 9:30 a.m., Saturday, April 3, at Martha Gilliss’ home at 1502 Christy Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204 (in the Original Highlands)
- Deadline for application/deposit for the summer 2010 Guatemala mission trip: Easter Sunday, April 4 (more details to be announced)

Mission trip information

Summer 2010 Guatemala mission trip:
- About July 10-17
- Destination: Coban (metropolitan center of the Guatemalan Q’eqchi’ culture; in the central Guatemalan highlands; just five hours from the Guatemala City airport)
- Activities (all with Estoreño Presbytery partners): Bible study, leadership development activities, partnership planning, and cultural tourism (perhaps including the Semuc Champey waterfall area)
- Cost: before fund-raising: $1,200-1,500 (some aid may be available)
- Mission team members: approximately 10; high school juniors or older
- Transportation and accommodations: by van; retreat center in Coban; hotel in Antigua (if possible)
- Trip includes: beforehand: orientation, fund-raising; afterwards: debriefing, congregational education
- Application/deposit due: Easter Sunday, April 4

Possible spring 2010 mission trip:
- April 20-27
- Destination, transportation, accommodations, and cost: same as the summer trip
- Activities: planning for theological training for Q’eqchi’ church leaders with some cultural tourism and discussion among PC(USA) and Guatemalan partners

Monday, March 8, 2010

Big weekend

Saturday morning about a dozen Crescent Hill church folks met as the Guatemala mission task force at Soni and Brad’s. Key issues discussed were the possible April and July Guatemala mission trips, the trip orientation discussion slated for Sunday, and a possible talk later this month by Presbyterian mission worker Karla Koll (see the entry “Upcoming events”).

Sunday morning Stephen and Bob joined the mission partnership class for what turned into a spirited discussion about Guatemala Presbyterian Church internal politics.

Sunday after lunch about 20 Crescent Hill folks gathered for a lunch of soup and salad (thanks, Stephanie and Soni!). Soni explained the development of the Guatemala partnership, Martha and Jane talked about the two trips, Lowell helped answered questions (and made the pitch for the trip as a potentially life-changing experience), and Carlos led a final prayer. Some half a dozen folks raised their hands, when Lowell asked who was thinking seriously about going. Several people not at the gathering have also expressed interest. (See the “Mission trips” entry for the bulletin insert shared with folks Sunday.)

Later Sunday Crescent Hill, James Lees, and Covenant Community church folks gathered to review the past term of the English as a foreign language teaching ministry and make plans for a next (and third) term. This week Crescent Hill folks bring dinner, and next week is the final week of the winter term. Wednesday there will be some kind of ending event (but not a potluck). After a three-week break, spring term will run from April 12-May 28. Instead of a summer term, there may be some other kinds of events.

Crescent Hill folks are encouraged to participate in a monthly Spanish-language worship service and dinner at James Lees this Saturday evening.

-- Perry

Session OKs the trip (February 24)

Messages about Money. The moderator led a discussion of messages that session members remember receiving about money and giving to church in their past. Examples included “be generous”; “10%”; and “give regularly.” Several personal stories of giving as children or teens followed.

The discussion then shifted to the matter of non-budget giving in the congregation, and how we as a church decide on what is appropriate solicitation of money for non-budget causes. There has been an informal policy, not always well publicized, of requiring any fund-raising efforts to be approved by the session. After talking about it for some time, the session agreed by consensus to continue this policy, making it explicit, but allowing an exception in the event of a crisis or emergency, in which case the pastor is empowered to allow solicitations for that purpose.

Outreach Council. Due to snow, councils were canceled on February 10 and only the Outreach Council rescheduled. Some actions at its meeting inspired the discussion of the need for fund-raising efforts to receive session approval. OC called for the church to collect funds for United Crescent Hill Ministries on Sundays in March as part of a “Metro Match” program. The local metro council representative, Tina Ward-Pugh, has pledged up to $25,000 of her discretionary fund to match, dollar for dollar, funds donated for UCHM; LG&E has agree to then match that amount, resulting in four dollars for every dollar contributed. The money will go exclusively to help low-income residents pay their utility bills.

After discussion, session agreed by consensus to permit publicity of the Metro Match program in the congregation and to collect contributions for that purpose on March 7 and 14; the collection on the 7th will be in lieu of the regular communion offering that day. After the 14th, individuals are free to contribute directly to UCHM for this cause, and information to that effect will be included in the April and May Westminster Ways.

OC also plans to encourage worshipers to bring money or canned goods on the first Sunday of each month to donate to UCHM. A collection box will be placed in the narthex. Session approved this program by consensus.

Session approved a possible mission trip to Guatemala in July 2010. Fund-raising for that trip is possible, but OC will need to come back to the session for approval.

Pre-school. Ada Asenjo reported that the church pre-school is in dire financial straits. There are simply not enough children participating. The board is brainstorming ideas for recruiting more children.

New Staff Position? A discussion on this possibility was postponed until March, as the meeting was running late.

Newspace@chpc. Stew Bridgman showed a floor plan and described possible changes in the lower level of the sanctuary building. As proposed, the church office and choir room would be moved to this area, which would be made more accessible via a ramp. Classrooms and the nursery would be moved to the second floor. The cost estimate is around $200,000, much less than the more ambitious plan prepared prior to the current recession.

-- Jack

Monday, March 1, 2010

April 2010 trip schedule

Kekchi Theological Training Event and Amigos of the Kekchi (AOK) Meeting
Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
April 20-27, 2010

Purpose of this trip for the Kekchi pastors:
- To understand & appreciate the reasons for theological training.
- To work on designing a theological training program for the Kekchi.
- To strengthen the network of Kekchi presbyteries and their ties to the rest of the Guatemalan Presbyterian church (IENPG).

Purpose of this trip for Amigos of the Kekchi (AOK):
- To collaborate in establishing a theological training for the Kekchi.
- To discuss with each other and Kekchi presbyterians the future objectives of AOK.

Daily Itinerary

Tuesday, April 20:
- 12:30 PM: AOK representatives arrive in Guat. City, meet other AOK reps,
plus Ivan Paz and Benjamin Yac
- 1:00 PM: Travel by van to Cobán (Lunch en route)
- 6:00 PM: Check in & eat supper at Nazarene Seminary
- 7:00 PM: Overview of schedule

Wednesday, April 21:
- 7:30 AM: Breakfast at Seminary
- 8:30 AM: Devotion (Leader: Philip Beisswenger or other AOK rep)
- 9:00 AM-12:00 Noon: Final planning for Theological Training Event,

Kekchi pastors arrive at Nazarene Seminary

- 12:00 Noon: Lunch at Seminary
- 1:30 PM: Opening worship at seminary chapel (Leader: Ivan Paz)
- 2:30 PM: Introductions and ice breaker (Leader: Philip Beisswenger)
- 3:30 PM: Refreshment break
- 4:00-5:30 PM: Session on “The Roles of the Pastor?” (Leader: Benjamin Yac)
- 6:00 PM: Supper at Seminary
- 7:30-8:30 PM: Bible study (Leader: Philip Beisswenger)

Thursday, April 22:
- 7:30 AM: Breakfast at Seminary
- 8:30 AM: Devotion (Leader: Philip Beisswenger or other AOK rep)
- 9:00 AM: Session on “The Importance of Theological Training for Pastors” (Leader: Benjamin Yac)
- 10:30 AM: Refreshment break
- 11:00 AM: Session on “Ordination in the Presbyterian Tradition” (Leader: Benjamin Yac)
- 12:30 PM: Lunch at Seminary
- 1:30-4:30 PM: Visit to Colegio la Patria & Cobán’s Museo Principe Maya
- 5:30 PM: Supper at Seminary
- 7:00-8:00 PM: Bible study (Leader: Philip Beisswenger)

Friday, April 23:
- 7:30 AM: Breakfast at Seminary
- 8:30 AM: Devotion (Leader: Philip Beisswenger or other AOK rep)
- 9:00 AM: Discussion on strengthening ties between the IENPG and the Kekchi(Leader: Ivan Paz)

For AOK reps. optional visit to Finca Santa Margarita near Cobán

- 10:30 AM: Refreshment break
- 11:00 AM: Establishing a theological training program for the Kekchi, part 1(Leader: Benjamin Yac)
- 12:30 PM: Lunch at Seminary
- 1:30-3:00 PM: Establishing a theological training for the Kekchi, part 2
- 3:30-5:00 PM: Closing worship & Communion, with presentation of certificates (Leader: Ivan Paz)

Saturday, April 24:
- 7:30 AM: Breakfast at Seminary
- 8:30 AM: Devotion (Leader: AOK rep)
- 9:00 AM: Kekchi pastors depart for home presbyteries (except PdP)
- 9:00 AM: PdP meets with Presbytery of Middle Tennessee

Optional sightseeing or shopping by other AOK reps.

- 12:00 Noon: Lunch at Seminary
- 1:00 PM: Departure of PdP pastors, Debriefing by AOK reps.
- 4:00 PM: AOK representatives check-in at hotel
- 5:30 PM: Supper in restaurant
- 7:00 PM: Reflections

Sunday: April 25:
- 7:30 AM: Breakfast
- 9:00 AM: Outing to Semuc Champey (worship service at site)

Monday, April 26:
- 7:30 AM: Breakfast
- 9:00 AM: AOK discussion (leader: Roger Marriott)
- 12:00 Noon: Lunch
- 1:00 PM: Departure of AOK reps. for Guatemala City
- 5:00 PM: Supper & night in Guatemala City

Tuesday, April 27:
- AM: Breakfast, depart for airport for return flights to US

Estimated in-country cost for AOK reps: $385.00 per person

Includes all transportation, lodging, and meals, and sharing in costs for Ivan Paz and Benjamin Yac. This does not include the costs for the Kekchi pastors that will be attending.